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Navigating Divorce

While healthy marriages can be beneficial to children's development in a number of ways, the reality is that  approximately half of marriages in the United States end in divorce. When divorce occurs, there are important ways in which parents and other supportive adults can help children transition into their post-divorce lives. 

Consider the divorce experience as a story that is being written, and you (the supportive parent/s) are the author. In truth, children do internalize their experiences as a narrative, and important adults in their lives have great influence over its content. Remember your child's other parent is also important in their lives, regardless of your feelings towards them.  

The following resources may be helpful in planning and navigating the journey through divorce:

Helping Your Child Through a Divorce

So, reflect on what you want to contribute to your child's story.  Build on themes of resilience to increase self-confidence, with messages about what does not change with divorce, as well as coping with and overcoming challenges that come with change. 


Divorce - Relevant Children's books

Two Homes


A book for young (preschool age) children to help them understand and become familiar with the idea of living in two homes. 

Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs


A heart warming book for children experiencing any sort of loss including divorce. 

Family Changes: Explaining Divorce to Children


Presents divorce to children (ages 4-8) in gentle terms and provides guidance for adults in helping children understand and cope. 

Getting Through My Parents' Divorce


This interactive workbook is designed to help children explore various aspects of the divorce experience. 

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