Books on Positive parenting & Addressing behavior problems

Challenging Behavior Problems


Provides a review of temperment traits and strategies for retraining for a more accurate and friendly perspective on child behavior challenges. 

Positive Attachment & Collaborative Problem Solving


Revamping approaches to parenting via clear instructions on how to retrain old reactive/ineffective parenting habits and develop the capacity to have collaborative, constructive conversations with your child, just when you thought it wasn't possible!

Relationship Building; Addressing/Prevention of Child Behavior Problems


Full of examples, this book lays out foundations of positive communication to help children feel heard and valued without giving up the important role of setting boundaries and expectations. 

Understanding Adolescence / Optimal Parent-Teen Communication


Mindfulness & Discipline


Based on neuroscience and mindfulness, these authors of "The Whole-Brain Child" provide strategies for positive discipline and attachment.

Neuroscience, Child Development and Mindful Parenting


Neuroscientific understanding of how brain functioning translates to a range of child behaviors and parent-child interactions, and tips on how to use the information to improve parenting and attachment.